Postpartum Depression & First Baby

Postpartum Depression Counseling

Are you…

Wondering why the feelings of “baby blues,” exhaustion, anxiety and/or sadness aren’t going away? Feeling anxious or frequently crying? Having trouble recovering from a delivery that was harder than expected or that left you with negative or fearful lingering memories or feelings? Feeling guilty because you aren’t as joyful as you thought you would be as a new parent? Having thoughts or feelings you are afraid to tell anyone because you “aren’t supposed to feel that way.”

If you answered “YES” to any of the above questions, you may have Postpartum Depression (PPD).

Counseling helps you:

  • identify whether you have PPD or the baby blues.
  • identify and understand the physical, emotional and lifestyle changes that happen quickly when you become a parent.
  • feel supported and learn new communication skills that help you through this transition

Special Note: Since postpartum depression is felt at both physical and emotional levels, the best treatment combines individual and/or couples therapy along with treatment by your physician to evaluate hormonal, thyroid or other possible physical conditions that my be contributing factors.

Together, we will work with your doctor to manage these issues as a team.

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First Baby

You may have you taken a Lamaze or birthing class to prepare for the birth – BUT – have you taken a class to teach you new emotional skill sets for becoming parents?

Counseling teaches you to communicate better which will help you make decisions including:

  • whether to have natural childbirth or an epidural
  • whether to breast or bottle feed
  • how long your maternity leave will be or whether you will return to work
  • how to agree and disagree with your partner without negative judgments of each other

Individuals and couples come to me so they can talk openly in a safe and non-judgmental environment about “all’ of their feelings about becoming a parent, including:

  • whether you feel prepared for the many changes taking place in your life
  • whether you are comfortable talking both about your excitement AND your fears or discomfort about your new responsibility
  • how to manage your emotions around having a special needs or colicky baby
  • how to manage parenting decisions which start immediately and continue forward
  • if you are having your child later in life and want help transitioning

I have a special interest in working with couples preparing for and after the birth of their first child. Many couples find this one of the most challenging and overwhelming times of their life but aren’t comfortable telling anyone because they fear judgment. All feelings are normal and it is important to be able to talk in a safe non-judgmental environment.

If you are interested in making an appointment to discuss these issues, contact me at 843-810-8647 or at