Alcohol, Drug Abuse and Addiction Counseling

I have over 30 years experience working in both inpatient and private practice settings with clients and their families who are struggling with addictions and the many issues surrounding alcohol and drug abuse.

Abuse is identified when a person continues to drink and/or use drugs (including prescription) even though their drinking or drug use is causing problems in their daily lives. When abuse continues it often leads to dependence which is also called addiction.

Addiction is complicated, confusing and effects everyone connected to the person’s life. It is a family problem and the family needs help too. Words often used to describe those in an addicted persons life are enabler and codependent. If the addicted person won’t get help then you can!

I educate clients and their families about:

  • The effects of drugs and alcohol abuse on ones body, mind, work & community.
  • The “process” of becoming addicted and of recovery (includes the conditioning of the brain over time). It takes more then just will power to quit.
  • Enabling and Codependency
  • Boundary setting

For more information and to see if you or your loved one needs help, visit the links below:

Take an Addictions Test:
Enabler Test:
Codependency Test:

ARISE Trained Interventionist

I am trained in the ARISE model of alcohol and drug intervention. This model invites the individual needing treatment to the meetings with family members and friends who want their loved one to get help. For more information on the ARISE model, please visit their website at:

If you are thinking about having and intervention for a friend or loved one, call me for a free phone consultation at 843-810-8647.